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About Cloud b

Our Story

Not so long ago, in a land by the sea, there was a baby that slept so well, her mom had no idea what other parents were referring to when they talked about being sleep deprived. (We swear it’s true!) In her efforts to understand what made her baby different, she discovered it wasn’t her baby at all, but a special gift she received from afar when she was a newborn – a sleep bag.

This simple bag was a part of her daughter’s sleepy-time routine and kept her snuggly, secure, and comfortable all through the night – nearly eliminating night-time wakings. It was literally a parent’s dream come true. And, this one mum wanted all babies to have one. Imagine how much happier and healthier families could be!

So, the idea of Cloud b was born.

She told a very inventive designer/builder/jack-of-all-trades she knew about her idea and, in true fairy-tale fashion, the unlikely pair assembled in humble quarters to embark on their entrepreneurial adventure. She brought a keen eye for design and a mother’s intuition. He brought an innovative nature and insatiable curiosity. Together, they transform simple sleep aids into opportunities for human connections. Plush with a Purpose®.

From a dream to help all babies drift off to dreamland as easily as hers; with a desire to create something of such superior quality and design it’s fit for royalty; and, a vision of promoting family health and happiness – Cloud b is now a trusted resource for parents around the world.

Why “Cloud b”?

Originally, Cloud b meant Cloud “Baby.” When we first started, we focused on creating products and resources that helped babies sleep. However, as we grew as a brand and learned more about the complexities of sleep and creating a sleep routine, we realised that we needed to bring comfort to the whole family. Now we like to say that the name’s a play on “Cloud 9,” where every child sleeps peacefully and parents find peace of mind. Good sleep improves quality of life for everyone!

Join us on Cloud b.